As Paul A. Reeves Accountancy Services I have been in practice since 1999. Prior to that I was in partnership. I also have 7 years experience in the Inland Revenue, which is now part of H. M. Revenue & Customs.

I am qualified under the Association of Accounting Technicians. I am located, and all of my clients are resident on the Isle of Wight, but I have had clients elsewhere in the country (people who have left the Isle of  Wight but wished to continue using my services).

I can offer the full range of accountancy services, including computerized or manual book-keeping, payroll, V. A. T. returns, self-assessment tax returns and annual accounts for taxation purposes.

I am semi-retired and have continued my business beyond retirement age, as it keeps my mind alert and enables me to maintain contact with people, socially and in other ways.

Due to natural wastage and new businesses starting, my overall client profile is constantly changing.

I enjoy meeting and working with new people – and renewing existing relationships on, at least, an annual basis.

For contact details, please go to my Buy With Confidence page at http://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk.


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